Events & Circuits

Events & Circuits



Join the fans of track driving on one of the most beautiful tracks in the world! Our goal is to organise events for sports cars in a healthy sporty environment, where fun and safety for everyone are the primary concerns.


DriversTrackDays Open track on genuine race tracks!

We’re bitten by a very contagious bug and we would very much like to pass it onto you, and offer you the possibility of driving on the most renowned tracks in the world in professional circumstances and at very interesting rates!

Track entry rates are indicated on our calendar.

Rent a box

Don’t let your day depend on the weather: rent a box! Apart from shelter, a box also offers you a professional environment (compressed air, water, toilet, etc), at a competitive rate!

Rent a Lap Timer

Register you lap times, accelerations and much more. Our Lap Timer work with GPS technology from Racelogic and is the ideal tool to keep track of your lap times and to improve them! The Lap Timer is easy to use: fix it onto your windshield with its suction cups and connect it to the cigarette lighter of your car.

If you wish to buy the Lap Timer at the end of the day, we refund the rent: you’ll pay 640 € VAT incl. instead of 735 € VAT incl.

Rent: 95 € VAT incl. per day per Lap Timer.

The performance box contains the support for the windshield, the car charger, a CD with the manuals and the software, a USB connection cable, an SB card of 512 Mb, a main current charger, a ranging box of professional quality and an external antenna.